David Mork began this Project in 2012. The object is to video record all members of the Club who were over the age of 70, at that time, and had over 7 years of attendance in the Sun Lakes Rotary Club. Approximately 35 members at that time were eligible for the 13 questions and answers, asked and answered on the video. Upon conclusion of the video, it is processed by a video lab, and transferred to a DVD, for the individual to keep, and if approved, the video, unedited, is transferred to the Sun Lakes Rotary Club You Tube Channel for all to review and watch. New Members of the Club are to watch at least 3 of the videos prior to obtaining their blue badge. About 1/2 of the members eligible have been completed, and about 1/4 of the them eligible have left the Club for various reasons. If you are interested please contact the Chair.
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