Women became a part of the Rotary International organization on May 4, 1987 and over these past 33 years women account for about 27% of the membership or about 338,000 women members around the world and still growing.  The Sun Lakes Rotary Club will celebrate its 34th year (Chartered April 22, 1986) and women account for 26% of the membership.
The first woman Sun Lakes Rotary Club President was Gerri Beaudin in 1996.  Since then there have been four (4) more women as Club Presidents: Dee Rasmussen, Bonnie Whiting, Marge Wright and Mary Louise Lansbarkis.
We celebrate all women in Rotary around the world and those women members of the Sun Lakes Rotary Club.  We encourage women to come for a visit and consider joining our Sun Lakes Rotary Club where together we can make a greater impact on improving our community and education.  
Click on the above CONTACT US and let us know that you would like to make a visit to see what we are all about.  We will have you as our guest to meet our 90 members and learn about some of our local projects and programs in support of our greater Sun Lakes community and local education.