Green Alternatives to Traditional Burial and Cremation
Oct 04, 2022 6:30 AM
Carolyn Maezes
Green Alternatives to Traditional Burial and Cremation

Carolyn is a co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Earth Funeral, a green death care brand. Prior to joining Earth, Carolyn worked in healthcare, most recently as the Vice President of Patient Experience and Social Work Services at DaVita, a Fortune 200 healthcare company and the leading provider of kidney care services in the United States. Carolyn is also a hospice volunteer and trained End of Life Doula. 

Talk: "Earth Soil Transformation: A Green Alternative to Traditional Burial and Cremation"

Carolyn will provide an overview of soil transformation, which is an environmentally-friendly alternative to cremation. Over the course of 30-45 days, the body is gently and naturally transformed into nutrient-rich soil. Families can use the soil to plant a tree, garden, etc., and/or can scatter it in meaningful places. The majority of the soil is donated to a restoration project on the Olympic Peninsula. An Earth Soil Transformation is carbon-neutral and enables one's last act to be a gift to the planet and future generations.