Jun 01, 2021 7:00 AM
Cynthia Zwick

Cynthia Zwick has served as Executive Director of Wildfire: Igniting Community Action to End Poverty in Arizona since September 2003. Wildfire is a non-profit organization that works to stop poverty before it starts, by advocating for quality jobs statewide, creating access to a foundation of financial security and ensuring the security and sustainability of supportive systems.

Wildfire is the state association for Community Action Agencies and advocates on behalf of the lowincome community throughout Arizona, working with community partners throughout the State to educate the community about issues related to poverty, injustice and oppression; improve public policy; and ensure low-income families have access to the tools needed to become financially stable and thrive.

Wildfire is investing in collaborative strategies that ensure businesses and employees can thrive in our economy through policy solutions and in partnership with businesses to advance a quality jobs strategy that actively invests in employees.

We promote access to a foundation of financial security for all Arizonans by lifting up policies that address wealth inequality and working to ensure tools are available to assist with wealth building regardless of race, gender or economic background.

Cynthia leads a team that works to build strong, supportive and sustainable communities, intervenes in utility rate cases, provides training and technical assistance to Community Action Agency staff and boards, conducts SNAP outreach and education, supports the Arizona Self Help website, and administers the first warm weather fuel fund – the Home Energy Assistance Fund – to help families with utility bills and weatherization.

Most recently in partnership with the Utility Assistance Core Team created by the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, we have begun the development and implementation of an online technical solution that will allow efficient and dignified access to utility and rental assistanc