The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a book gifting pro-gram that mails free, high-quality books to children from birth until they begin school, no matter their family’s income. After launching in 1995 by Dolly, the “Book Lady”, the program grew quickly. First books were only

distributed to children living in Sevier County, Tennessee where Dolly grew up. It became such a success that in 2000, a national replication effort was underway. This program soon expended to all North America and subsequently Europe and Australia. To date, more than 126 million books have been given away to ages 0-5. The run rate now is about 1.4 million books per month. 

Our Sun Lakes Rotary Club began its support in May 2019 and is Chaired by Terrie Sanders with a budget of $5,000 per year. Our focus is centered on the Arizona Guadalupe community with a 6,597 population. To date, we have 88 Guadalupe children signed up, while we are projecting helping 300 total children this Rotary year.