Contact: Peter Meade
Sun Lakes
Oakwood Country Club
24218 S. Oakwood Blvd
Sun Lakes, AZ  85248
United States of America
Have you become a participant in Rotary Direct? No? Why Not? District Governor David is encouraging all Rotarians to consider Rotary Direct for their contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  There is a District Wide Club Contest for Rotary Direct Participation.  If your club could use an extra $2000 consider the Rotary Direct Initiative.  You may get started HERE. You do not need a My Rotary account to donate to the Foundation. However if you and your club wish to get credit for your donation then you should create a My Rotary account if you do not have one.  A My Rotary account is easy to establish. Your AG can help. Why not make your next donation to The Rotary Foundation a recurring donation, making you a Rotary Direct participant. (Again a My Rotary account will be necessary for your participation to be reflected in the Club Contest.)   
The GOAL is to enroll club members in Rotary Direct, the recurring donor giving plan of the Rotary Foundation.  Contest started July 1st and ends May 30th.  Let's all help the Sun Lakes Rotary Club and Members be winners.  Go to:

Contact Club Rotary Foundation Chair, Peter Meade for details.