A central part of the mission of Rotary is to empower Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace. Rotarian Peacebuilder clubs commit to engage in dialogues and projects that promote positive peace in their communities and across the globe.
Sun Lakes Rotary Club recognizes that Peace is the first of the seven areas of focus of Rotary and overlaps them all. Our Peacebuilder committee (Judi Edmonds, Chair, Marge Wright, Elaine Ralls, and Craig Gilbert) recognize that every act of service is an act of peace, and we want to build awareness of the peace components of all our projects as well as develop projects that specifically focus on peacebuilding.
Positive Peace is more than ending conflict or negotiating a truce. There are eight pillars of Positive Peace that aim to stabilize a community – good government, business environment, human rights, health, education, etc. – so that conflict is less likely. As we engage with our community through service, we will promote Peace.