The Rotary Club of Sun Lakes is proud to name the duo of Dave Anciaux and Chuck Hawkins as co-Rotarians of the Month for September 2021.  Dave joined our Sun Lakes Club in January 2018 and Chuck in August 2019.  Dave and Chuck always greet you with a smile and they are always there to help whether its Rotary or personal related.  They are there before Club Meetings, setting up and then staying after for the tear down and putting away of meeting materials in storage.  They both are active participants on the Membership Committee; each has recently sponsored new members to our Club, too.  Dave is also coordinating and hosting the upcoming Open House events in Sun Lakes.  Chuck and Dave with others are now setting up and organizing the Fireside Chats that we will have for new members.  Both have Splash routes and have pitched in when extra help is needed.  Plus, Chuck has dog-walked for those Rotarians needing assistance!  We are very fortunate to have both Dave Anciaux and Chuck Hawkins as outstanding, contributing club members.