The Sun Lakes Rotary Club will hold their annual Rotary Foundation Appreciation Dinner at the Palo Verde Country Club on January 17, 2017. Members and guests will enjoy an evening celebrating the achievements of The Rotary Foundation both locally and internationally...
The program this year will feature Rotaract, a Rotary program for 18 to 30 year old young adults who want to be of service but are not yet ready to participate in a Rotary Club.  Our speaker will feature Abbey Hawthorne.  Abbey is the Community Development Coordinator for the ASU Foundation. This multitalented, widely traveled young woman seldom slows down.  She is a Director of Big West Rotaract which provides leadership training and education to Rotaractors on the USA west coast through events, information exchange and online resources. Her focus in Rotaract has been connecting young leaders to each other and the larger Rotary world through community service, conferences roundtrips and other activities.
Abbey has been a Rotaractor since 2011. She loves Rotaract because of the amazing opportunities it provides in connecting internationally and serving others like the 2016 Connecting for Good Tour. Her first international Rotaract trip was to the Ukraine in 2011. Since that trip she has traveled to 23 countries located on 5 different continents, meeting and making friends with Rotarians and Rotaractors along the way.
The Sun Lakes Rotary Club is excited to have her as our featured speaker at our Annual Rotary Foundation Appreciation Dinner.