For years our Club has published a weekly newsletter named the Sun Riser. It captures events of the proceeding week and forecasts coming activities
For many years, Hal Cowles was the faithful editor and publisher. When he returned to Iowa, Sandy Lundberg took his post for a year before becoming Principal of Casteel High School. Norm Noble assumed the assignment, following the framework established by Sandy.
Norm put out an appeal for help and Bill McCoach responded, now being the primary source of copy. Bill writes it, Norm places it into Publisher files, and adds the photos taken by both Norm and Gary Whiting. For years, the paper was published by a local print shop, but six months ago, Norm made .pdf copies of the Sun Riser and started emailing it to our 95+ Rotary member recipients and at the same time, it is posted on the club website. This process has saved the Club approx. $1,200 a year and made it available before the next weekly meeting.  Additionally, each of the published Sun Risers for 2016, 2017, 2018 and now 2019 are available for all members to review, download and print on the club website under “View Club Documents.”