Larry Frink was born on a farm/ranch

in northwestern North Dakota.  He graduated from North Dakota State University and spent most of his career working for the North Dakota State Water Commission.  He held several positions with the State Water Commission and served as the State Engineer from 2001 to 2010.  Additionally, he served 35 years in the North Dakota Army National and retired in 2004.


Larry and his wife, Judy have been married for 46 years, have two daughters and four grandchildren.


Larry’s first experience with Rotary was as a speaker on the Southwest Water Pipeline Project in 1986.  A couple months later he was invited back as a potential member.  At this meeting Rotary’s new program, Polio Plus, was presented.  Polio had always been of great interest to him because polio was very common during his childhood years.


Larry states that he is impressed with the number of Rotary service projects.  Polio Plus, Choices, the Navajo Water Project and the clubs educational projects and programs make it easy for me to say that I am proud to be a Rotarian.