November 2021 Sun Lakes Rotary
Rotarian of the Month
The Rotary Club of Sun Lakes is proud to name Kristine Schultz as our Rotarian of the Month for
Novemberr 2021. Kristine joined our Sun Lakes Club in December 2019. The Membership Committee
Chair position became open in 2020 and Kristine very willingly stepped up and assumed the Chair’s
role. She has been an excellent manager and leader as Chair and holds Membership Committee
meetings promptly every month. And, have we seen results! Since July 1, 2021, our Sun Lakes Club
has inducted fourteen new members; and, all of them are strong, valued members. She has been both an
active recruiter and manager of the Committee. There are also eight potential members in the pipeline
for future induction into our Club! We are very fortunate to have Kristine Schultz as an outstanding,
influencing club member and leader.