Mark D Stapels is the second of eight children born on February 22, 1947 in Detroit Michigan.
Being the older brother, he spent a great deal of time changing diapers, babysitting, washing dishes plus other chores.  These responsibilities taught him work ethics, care giving, and a sense of humor that would become helpful skills later in life...
In high school, Mark joined the Future Teachers Club, Debate Team, and Model United Nations which helped with communication skills, working with and helping people and acquiring other valuable skills.  In 1969, he graduated from the University of Michigan where he met and after graduation married his college sweetheart and now blessed with four beautiful children during their 24 years of marriage.  During this time, he spent five years teaching at the Junior High level and then moved on to real estate and then on to tool manufacturing. With tool manufacturing it saw himself and two brothers start their own company called “Brothers Industries “which grew from five employees to over 200 and another 400 on the outside doing our work.  After 26 years they sold the company and he enjoyed one year of retirement before opening another company “Stapels Manufacturing” with his youngest son and two other partners.  He again retired and in 2015 moved to Arizona for better weather. After moving to Arizona, he remarried in 2016 to his now wonderful wife, Pattie and they live in Sun Lakes.  Together, they enjoy swimming, international travel, golf and lots of love and humor.
Mark joined Rotary as an invite and favor to his father back in the 1990s and enjoys all the good that Rotary does in their local community, especially for young people. It is very rewarding for him and well worth his personal time to be involved in local projects and programs.  Mark thanks his sponsor, Nick Nicholas for getting him back involved by joining the Sun Lakes Rotary Club.