We are proud to have Stephen Phair as a member of our club and one that has become involved so quickly since joining our 75+ membership in February 2019.  He quickly joined a couple of club committees and now has taken on the leadership challenge of Club Vice President with the target of becoming our Club President in a couple of years.
We first got to know about him meeting a challenge when in November 2019 he stepped foot into the brisk 63°-degree water of Tempe Town Lake on a journey that would take him 15 hours 29 minutes and 46 seconds to travel 140.6 miles. Stephen’s training started in 2018 that required 11 to 15 hours per week. Between the swim, bike, and run he was able to train enough to be comfortable on race day November 24, 2019.  His peak training was swimming just under 2 miles in Bartlett Lake. The biking was100 miles all over the valley and running included many half marathons to get ready for the 26.2 miles in the required full marathon of the Ironman competition.
Stephen expressed that through this experience it has been a mindset changer. It took an incredible amount of perseverance to stick to his training and the countless hours he spent training, eating the right foods and planning for this competition. It was a life changing experience to become an Ironman and now he is in training to be our future club leader.
Congratulations on his outstanding success as an USA Arizona Ironman and showing that Rotarians are People of Action.