A Rotarian, Non-Rotarian or a Rotary Club making a gift of $1,000 to the Rotary International Foundation designates the donor or whomever the donor wishes a Paul Harris Fellow.  The designate can be a Rotarian or Non-Rotarian...
A Paul Harris Sustaining member is recognition presented to an individual who has given, or in whose honor a gift is made, an annual contribution of $100, with the stated intention of making additional contributions until $1,000 is reached.
The Rotary Foundation transforms this gift into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace.  Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.
Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that we make the very most of each contribution. Give and become a part of Rotary’s life-changing work!