Howard Rudge is the man who steps up when there is a philanthropic need as well as wife Loie. Last year, Howard was honored as the “Man of the Year” for his work and contributions to East Valley New Paths. This year, Howard challenged our Rotary club members with a $5,000
contribution for the Navajo Water Project and would add another $5,000 if our membership would match the $5,000 and we did it.
A little more about Howard who was born, raised and received his early education in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  He received his higher education at Bucknell University with a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Chemical Engineering in 1958.  He wasn’t satisfied with this and went on to George Washington Law School where he received his Juris Doctor with “honors” in 1964.
Now, after wintering in Sun Lakes for the about 7 years, he and Loie to their senses and decided to leave Aspen, Colorado and make this their permanent home and at the same time Howard joined the Sun Lakes Rotary Club.
Our Good Guy of the Year, Howard Rudge