Our speaker, Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan, was introduced by our most noble Rotarian Norm Noble.  Sean was appointed Chief of Police in Chandler three years ago, after serving 27 years in the Scottsdale Police Department. He graduated from ASU in ’85 and received a Masters there in ’89 in Justice Studies. Sean is married and has two children...
He explained how a city of 255,000 is supported by the Chandler Police Department and how his department must adjust and progress to today’s demands.   There are 18,000 police departments in the USA, averaging 22 officers per department. Technology is moving quickly and his department must keep up with this progression. Officers in the field and police cars get updated information from various networks and platforms every two hours. In addition, body cameras have been given to each street officer and sergeant. It has been found that behavior by both the police and citizens are altered by the presence of these cameras and this is positive.
Officers love having the cameras, he said. The technology updating process is expensive as data must be stored in the Cloud. They are working with ASU on categorizing this stored information.  A National Report on policing has affirmed that the Chandler Department is already a “best practices” police department.  Some items have been newly implemented as a result of the Report. Police actions must be very transparent in today’s world.
One-third of the Chandler Police Department has been hired over the last three years. This raises challenges on training and promoting officers to be our future leaders. It is important to maintain the current Chandler “brand and reputation” while hiring the officers of tomorrow.  Police work is a dangerous job and they are provided the necessary equipment to help keep them safe.

A special thank you to Sean and the Officers of the Chandler Police Department!  He justifiably received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his talk.