In 2003, the Sun Lakes Rotary Dictionary project was started with distributing dictionaries to all 3rd graders in the Chandler Unified School District and other schools outside of the District, including Indian Reservations, private schools, and Title 9 programs in the immediate area.  This effort has now seen over 50,000 student dictionaries distributed.
Rotarians and others believe that this project helps each student become better spellers, readers, thinkers and speakers.  And the teachers have been the #1 supporter as they use the dictionary for class projects and take-home assignments.  The dictionary contains more than just words and definitions.  It contains sections on world geography, civics, multiplication tables, science, the water cycle, planets, the constitution, bill of rights, presidents and even has illustrations for sign language and braille.  And when the students see the longest word in the English language, which contains 1,909 letters, the fun starts and that's the way it was today at Navarrete Elementary School where over 80 students received their own dictionary.  Writing their name in the dictionary was all that we needed for ownership.  What fun. 
If you want to get involved in this wonderful school project, let us know by clicking on the Contact Us above and provide your information.  Better yet, come for a visit to one of our club meetings and see what we are all about.