Mar 09, 2021 5:00 PM
Elliott Trommald
"Why Lincoln Matters"

Elliott Trommald, Ph. D.

Education: Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo, American History, 1977; MA Boston University, European

History, 1962; Yale University, American Studies, 1959

Work Experience: 1962 - 2001: Taught history in New York, New Jersey, Australia, Massachusetts.


Prior to moving to and after moving to Portland in 2003, Dr. Trommald was adjunct lecturer at University of Massachusetts and at Clark College.  He was Commissioner with the Oregon Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, 2007-2011.  Additionally, Dr. Trommald has lectured and led discussions and seminars at diverse venues.  Outside of the academic work, Dr. Trommald acted with the Sherwood Senior Players and Senior Encore Players.  He also enjoys biking, writing, reading, and negotiating 60 years of marriage and growing wiser with the lives of his two daughters and expanding his soul with grandchildren and even a great grandson.